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Dr. Cole and Lawrence County High School Leo Club members at the most recent Lions for Sight vision screening. 2010 is the fourth consecutive year that Dr. Cole has volunteering for the countywide screening, which includes all first and third graders.

Dr. Cole at the Annual Lawrence Co. Apple Festival (2007)

Dr. Cole is a provider for the following insurances:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Dr. Cole provides a thorough, comprehensive eye examination, which includes checking near and distance vision in each eye, a binocular vision assessment (how a person uses both eyes together), eye muscle testing, peripheral vision testing, pupil and neurological assessments, eye pressure measurement, and a dilated examination of the entire eye. This dilated exam, which is a gold standard of eyecare, allows Dr. Cole to determine the complete ocular health of his patients. 

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

Dr. Cole and Moulton Eye Clinic provide contact lens fittings and evaluations. Whether you need contacts to see better at distance, near, both, or even if you have astigmatism, there is a contact lens made to correct your vision.

Fitting of a contact lens involves finding the best contact lens for a patient's eyes, based on how the contact lens corrects one's vision, how it moves on the eye, and the comfort level of the patient with the lens. After this initial fitting and achieving a successful outcome with a certain lens, periodic evaluation of the lens is required to make sure the patient is seeing well, that his/her eyes are healthy with the lenses, and to make a change if necesssary. 

Emergency Care

Our office provides 24 emergency eyecare for ALL patients -- even if you have not seen Dr. Cole in the past. Please call our office to get the emergency phone number. 

Ocular Disease Examination and Treatment

Through the eye examination, Dr. Cole can diagnose and treat most eye conditions, including (but not limited to) glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, ocular trauma, conjunctivitis ("pink eye"), eye infections, & diabetic eye changes. Our referral network for eye surgeons and specialists include doctors in Cullman, Florence, Decatur, and Huntsville. 

Vision Therapy

Just like people who have joint and muscle injuries go through physical therapy to strengthen the injured area, some patients need vision therapy to strengthen his/her eyes to see more clearly. Eye muscle exercises are coordinated and performed to maximize vision for patients undergoing vision therapy. 

Helpful Websites Concerning Vision:

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